Billiard Tables

Previously, billiards was the game of mainly the privileged class people. But now this game is fairly widespread. Even in small towns can be found establishment where will stand the pool table. At the same time, a pool table is often bought for the country house, for a game with friends. Manufacturing billiard tables for the order, has its own advantages.

In the first place, is the possibility of exclusive design. Given that the pool table is an important piece of interior, his design plays an big role. Our manufacturing base allows realise any design, making the product a real decoration of the interior.

The main components of a billiard table is – frame, plate, cloth, pockets. Billiard tables, which is manufactured in the factory of serial production, already have distinct characteristics – change one element will be Impossible. We offer an opportunity to choose the constituent elements corresponding exactly to your wishes.

An illustrative example:

Serial model Billiard table Woodstock
The body is made of oak You can choose the main material
Simonis cloth Cloth brand, convenient to you
Decor in a certain style Decor of your choice
Plate Ardesia Plate that you select

With us, the customer can choose the brand of cloth, wood breed in the design of boards of table, what wood breed will be for manufacture of the base of table, etc.

Also, we manufacture cue racks, balls shelves. This allows a fully equip billiard room with everything you need.