Designer Furniture

Designer furniture will allow radically transform any room. Non-standard innovative solutions give the charm to the room and create a unique atmosphere. In this case, creativity and unusual appearance combines with comfort and ergonomics. Some species of such furniture has versatility.

Our company produces design furniture in collaboration with professional design studios. Our furniture solutions are relevant for both private homes and apartments, as well for any HoReCa establishment. Restaurant or hotel, with designer sofas or chairs in the lobby, will arouse the interest of the majority of guests. This restaurant is quickly becoming popular, memorable and leaves a good impression to visitors.

Designer furniture can include:

  • Sofas, armchairs, ottomans
  • Tables, chairs
  • The bureaus
  • Sideboards
  • Drawers
  • Coffee tables, etc.

Technical data (used materials, components) are conceived and agreed upon at the stage of design development. After characterization and approval of the design, the implementation of the project – is a technical production process. The main success criterion in this case is the professionalism of our employees.

If you decide to buy designer furniture, but can't decide on the model, we can offer several options. Also, you are given the opportunity to consult a specialist of design studio our partners. If necessary, our partners will prepare a full design project of your object!