Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture, unlike other furniture types is manufactured exclusively individually. Because in different hotels, and often even within the same hotel, rooms may not have identical planning, purchasing of furniture which is made in the linear production is inappropriate.

For hotels, our company can offer furniture solutions of any type. This can be a general purpose furniture for the room, and quite specific things.

Besides of a full equipment of living rooms, we will provide to a hotel such positions:

Perhaps the manufacturing reception desk with built-in aquarium or LED backlight.
If the hotel has a cigar club, our company is ready to produce for you:

In regard to the ensuring of residential rooms, we produce:

  • Beds
  • Sofas, armchairs, footstools
  • Tables
  • Sliding wardrobes with sliding systems and hinged
  • Bars, wall panels and other interior design elements of rooms

For a class "Lux" and "Apartment", our company can offer production of exclusive models developed by professional designers. Premium class furniture is made of wood expensive breeds, using high-quality furniture accessories from leading European manufacturers.

Example of furnitures for hotel rooms:

  • Standart
  • De Luxe
  • Executive suite
  • President suites
  • Basis
  • Accessories
  • Upholstery of soft furnishing
  • Aditionaly
  • Egger chipboard / MDF
  • Mid-price range
  • Vinyl
  • Consistent with the concept and style of the hotel / rooms
  • Egger, Cleaf/ MDF
  • Hettich, Muller
  • Vinyl
  • Consistent with the concept and style of the hotel / rooms
  • Solid oak, ash, also with using fine wood for decor
  • Hettich, closers, mechanisms Push-Up
  • Leather
  • Conceptual design
  • Californian oak, walnut, precious woods. Any complexity decor.
  • Blum, closers, mechanisms Push-Up, sliding systems
  • Expensive leather of high-quality tanning
  • Exclusive design, decor, which is emphasizing the high room status

Exclusively for the executive rooms and president suites:
We can produce sanitary equipment of wood. Bath, from an array of tropical trees will adorn any bathrooms. Our manufacturing technology makes it possible to protect the wood from moisture, so these baths and washbasins are durable enough.