Restaurant Furniture

We manufacture all types of furniture for restaurants / bars / nightclubs. Among the standard products are presented tables, chairs, sofas, items for banquet halls and VIP-halls. Furniture solutions of our company comply with the concept and design of the place and are the perfect complement to the restaurant interior!

In addition to standard products, for HoReCa establishments we produce:

All that client may order: sofas, wine cases, or the bar counter non-standard length - is being developed in accordance with the wishes of the customer and with the overall style of the room. We can make hall completely furnished "turnkey". Our partners also can develop the interior design, which we will succesfully realize in our furniture solutions.

Restaurant furniture should have a high wear resistance. Our employees understand it, this feature is taken into account in fulfilling orders for restaurants and bars.

Proposal for a summer terrace:
We can offer the manufacture of furniture for the open-air terrace. Modern technology helps to protect our product from temperature fluctuations, humidity.

Even if the tables or bar counter, are made from natural solid wood, we give protect from the weather conditions, which will enable set them on the open-air.