Объемная белая надпись WOODSTOCK


Our company makes furniture for HoReCa since 2007. Over 9 years of operation, was done a plurality of different projects - from economy class to exclusive furniture Luxury class. Each project – is the work only "by order". Therefore, the customers receive at the output the furniture that best meet their requirements in ergonomics, functionality and design.

Since 2010 we produce upholstered furniture. The first sofas and armchairs were made mainly for hotels. Over time, we began to make sofas for lounge bar, restaurants, nightclubs, and for living quarters – apartments, houses.

Because each order is treated as a separate project we can produce the furniture for non-standard facilities. If needed, we can furnish apartment by furniture "turnkey". We take over all the issues - not only the manufacturing, but also the delivery / installing furniture directly on the object itself.

Since 2014 we start to work with private clients. Our staff has extensive experience in realizing design projects. Repeatedly we develop furniture "on the picture" according to the 3-D visualizations of the interior designers. For private customers we often give full set of furniture for entire apartment or house. Qualifications of staff, and the availability of a good industrial base, allow to achieve the desired result in the implementation of projects of any complexity.